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Chernobyl zone 30 years later

The largest disaster that occurred 30 years ago in April of 1986 at the 4th unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is a striking example of a human impact on the environment in which people have died, radioactive contamination covered a huge territory and the population was evacuated.
Currently, the power units of the Chernobyl NPP are not functioning. Near the scene of the accident a new safe confinement is being built in a form of an arch, the construction of which is over the 4th emergency unit in addition to the existing shelter-protective body would substantially reduce the radiation impact on the environment.
In the Chernobyl zone there is a "Dead city" Prypiat - town of power engineers, which has been abandoned by people for 30 years and is completely covered by the forest, the buildings of the city are under a natural destruction.
In the Chernobyl town and several villages of the abandoned zone is currently home to some settlers who despite everything did not want to leave their homes. On their plots they manage their household, keeping poultry and cattle.

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